Bigg Boss 17’s Vicky Jain opens up about his equation with Mannara Chopra

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Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande were two of the most talked-about contestants on the recently-concluded reality show, Bigg Boss 17. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Vicky was asked about his closeness with co-contestant Mannara Chopra, and their bond being discussed on social media. The businessman, who is married to Ankita, clarified that it was ‘nothing like’ what people are speculating. Ankita and Mannara did not get along on the show. Also read: Mitali Handa slams Ankita Lokhande for speaking against sister Mannara Chopra after borrowing her clothes

Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain and Mannara Chopra on the Salman Khan-hosted reality show.

‘Every coin has two sides’

Vicky Jain said in Hindi, “Sometimes people want to focus on small things — some I have given compliments etc. — and create a doubt that maybe there is something between them (him and Mannara). If you think logically, in front of cameras, my wife is present there, are there any chances for anything to happen? No possible thoughts about it. It looks like that, but there was nothing like this ever.”

He also said, “Bigg Boss gave me the tagline of Vicky Bhaiya (brother). Since day one, everyone has given me that respect because of my age or how I was with them. So everyone used to call me Vicky Bhaiya, and it started from there. So that was the relationship that I had with people over there. It’s just that you live 100 days with them, and you get more close to them. There are people, and we are supposed to talk with them. Only that much is there. When you keep doing that much, there is a question about it. Every coin has two sides. It’s either this side or that side. Sometimes things happen, and people want to see the other side.”

Vicky on his fights with Ankita

Vicky Jain, in his first interview after Bigg Boss season 17, spoke to Hindustan Times about Ankita Lokhande. He addressed their fights on national television, which created headlines, as well as ‘divorce’ rumours.

He said, “They (media) said it’s looking so out of hand. Relationship is not the only priority there, as you are also thinking about the game. I am a business guy who took an off, just for this show. I thought it’s my best chance to enjoy. So I was also concentrating on the game. But yes, a little time and attention could have been given, I should have been a little more polite to Ankita’s emotional needs. I couldn’t understand that there.”

Ankita Lokhande was one of the top 5 finalists on Bigg Boss 17. Other finalists on the show included Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra. Munawar won the trophy.

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