Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande warns Vicky Jain about divorce case after he taunts her. Watch


Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have been arguing and fighting inside the Bigg Boss house about different issues ever since season 17 began. In the latest episode, Ankita made a comment about divorce, when Vicky kept taunting her during a task. (Also read: Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande’s mother reacts to Vicky Jain trying to slap her, says ‘Aisa kuch bhi nahin tha’)

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain in the Bigg Boss house.

What Ankita Lokhande said

Ankita’s comment on divorce surprised many on social media too. In the episode, a task involved a mock courtroom where Ankita was fighting in favour of Munawar while Vicky was in opposition. During the game, Vicky and Ankita were seen taunting each other and hindering the game. Even Bigg Boss intervened and said, “Let her play.” Still, Vicky kept on teasing Ankita and told him, “Bigg Boss is trying to say that start playing your game.”

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This did not sit well with Ankita, who then said, “Aap mere saath aisa mat kijiye kyunki humari hi na ladai ho jaye, humara divorce case na chalu ho jaye ( Please don’t do this with me otherwise we might end up fighting and our divorce proceedings might take up another case).” Ankita’s statement left everyone in shock. Even Mannara Chopra, who sat with the other contestants, said: “Zyada bol rahe ho aap (You are saying too much).”

Their recent argument

This is not the first time that Ankita has mentioned about divorce in the Bigg Boss house. In an earlier episode, Ankita got upset when Vicky joked about the suffering of married men. He had said that married men can never share how much they go through. Reacting to this, Ankita had replied, “If you suffer so much, then why are you with me? Let’s take a divorce; I don’t want to go back home with you.”

Ankita’s mother reacts to alleged slap

Then, a few days ago, it seemed that Vicky Jain tried to slap Ankita Lokhande during a heated conversation. Ankita looked shocked at that moment. Later, Ankita’s mother Vandana Pandis Lokhande had reacted to the incident and said that it was completely taken in a wrong way, and Vicky would never raise his hand because they are a ‘loving couple.’

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