‘Bhai Jalebi Kaise Khaunga’: Hardik Pandya Frustrated Over Unhealthy Food In Viral Video- WATCH


Mumbai Indians’ captain, Hardik Pandya, is currently undergoing preparation for the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) season in 2024. A day after being spotted working out with his MI teammate Ishan Kishan in a video shared by Kishan on social media, another video has emerged in which Hardik Pandya appears displeased with the food provided to him during an ad shoot. The video has garnered heavy attention from the social media users.

In a trending video, the 32-year-old cricketer appears displeased when served traditional Gujarati delicacies on what looks like the set of an ad shoot. The supposedly leaked clip captures Pandya expressing his dissatisfaction with the food being served, and the video is gaining traction on social media. The cricketer was seemingly provided with dhokla, jalebi, and fafda for lunch, which are items considered less suitable for a professional athlete. Pertinent to note, ABP Live couldn’t verify the originality of the video.

Watch The Video Here:

‘Bhai Fitness Krna Hota Hai’

In the circulated video, Pandya can be heard rejecting the food, emphasising its unhealthiness and his commitment to staying fit. He can be observed raising his voice at a crew member. 

He stated (loosely translated from Hindi), “What is this? How am I supposed to eat jalebi, dhokla, what is all this? Brother, I need to maintain my fitness! How am I going to do that? Who sent this?” (Yeh kya hai? Bhai jalebi kaise khaunga, kya dhokla, yeh sab kya hai? Bhai fitness krna hota hai! Yeh kaise krunga? Yeh kaun bheja hai?)

The crew member who brought the food for Pandya can then be heard in the video stating, “Adjust a little for today, sir.” (Aaj ke din thoda adjust krlo sir.)

Visibly frustrated, Pandya then says, “Brother, adjustment is not possible. Where is my chef and my nutritionist?” (Arre bhai adjust nai hota hai, kaha hai mere chef aur mere nutritionist kaha h.)

He adds, “How am I supposed to handle this? What is this? Tell the director that this won’t work.” (Bhai kaise krunga isko kaise manage? Bhai kya hai? Director sahab ko bolo yeh nai chalega.)

The crew member says, “Sir, you eat it, or else your stamina might decrease a bit.” (Sir aap khaalijiye wrna aapka stamina thoda kam hojayega.)

To which Pandya replies, “Brother, if I eat this, my stamina will be ruined.” (Arre bhai yeh khaake mera stamina bigad jayega.)

The widely circulated video has garnered mixed reactions, with some applauding Pandya’s dedication to fitness, while others express scepticism, suggesting that the video appears staged and might be a PR stunt.

“Indian actors should learn acting from Pandya,” a user commented.

“Nothing just a PR Stunt,” commented another.


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