BGMI-Maker Krafton Set To Release New Multiplayer Later This Year, Bets Big On AI


Krafton, the South Korea-based developer of popular battle royale Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), is set to launch a brand new game by the end of this year. During a media meeting on Thursday, Krafton India CEO Sean Hyunil Sohn confirmed that the upcoming game will be a mobile-based multiplayer, but refrained from offering further details. Additionally, AI will continue to play a strong role in the company’s roadmap, both in terms of behind-the-scenes development and end products for gamers. 

As per Sohn, Krafton looks to launch certain gaming genres “which we believe has a bigger potential,” leading the company to launch Road To Valor: Empires (RTVE), a real-time PvP strategy title in March this year, since strategy was found to be a popular segment the world over.

“We also believe that India enjoys multiplayers very much, compared to single-player games. So [the new game] will be more of a multiplayer, social-experience kind of game,” the CEO told ABP Live.

Sohn also added that Krafton also has quite a few games in its publishing pipeline — so much so that it could even launch two games before the year is out. 

So far, Krafton has launched four mobile-platform games in the country — BGMI, New State Mobile, RTVE, and Defense Derby. BGMI is the most popular of the lot, seeing over 15 crore downloads to date. 

Furthermore, Krafton will also be leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for “enhanced and immersive gameplay.” Krafton has already had its tryst with AI, with the launch of ANA, a virtual influencer who focuses on music, entertainment, and gaming. With the help of ANA, Krafton is looking to build an “advanced interactive virtual world content.” The company unveiled in its roadmap that it would offer unique gaming experiences leveraging blockchain, non-fungible token (NFT), and metaverse.

“AI/deep learning technology can help make game development more efficient or less expensive,” Sohn said. “Additionally, when used within a game, it can also provide new gameplay experiences.” Overall, the goal of the application of AI will result in streamlining processes for designers and developing more realistic art and voice technology.

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Since March 2021, Krafton has invested $140 million in 11 Indian startups, and it has also pledged to invest another $150 million over the next two-to-three years.


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