Avantika Dassani: My mother didn’t want me to become an actor

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Actor Avantika Dassani, daughter of veteran actor Bhagyashree is ready to make her Bollywood debut with U Shape Ki Gully, after starring in a web series Mithya. “I have two announced things in the pipeline, one is U Shape Ki Gully, which has been completely shot. It is a sweet and interesting film, I am excited for it to come out. Another project which will go on floors soon is the second season of Mithya,’ adding, “I am an actor who is very happy to explore all mediums. As a newcomer, I want each of my projects should be different from each other, even better if they are in various languages.”

Avantika Dassani on nepotism

Dassani acknowledges both advantages and disadvantages that come with being a star kid. She reflects, “There’s the idea that it becomes much easier just because you have someone in the industry. But, at the end of the day, my mom left this industry many years ago and she has made her journey back, so it’s not the same.”

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“There are still some advantages because my mother and brother have gained a lot of respect in the industry so I get the same respect. But, mujhe ek chai mil sakti hai kisi ke saath baithne ke lie, but I won’t get an offer for a film because I am somebody’s sister or daughter,” the actor further adds.

Reflecting on the industry’s changes during and after Covid and the kind of roles she expects, she says she has only “learned from the experiences to not expect.” “I have learnt from acting workshops, interacting with people in the industry and understanding what this world is actually about. I lost on the expectations very early on because the idea was that if you come with set expectations, you become very limited in your approach and view. I want to take steps that are risky and excite me as an actor. There are no set rules or expectations, I am learning things on the go,” Dassani quips.

She also reveals that her mother Bhagyashree initially discouraged her and her brother from entering the industry: “For me and my brother both, she always said that no matter how good you are or how much success you gain, there is a lot of heartbreak, it is not a stable environment, and there are a lot of ups and downs.” Despite her concerns, her mum’s ultimate advice to her children was, “Whatever happens, good or bad, you should be satisfied and proud of yourself.”

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