Apple Vision Pro’s spatial computing technology explained: What is means and how it works

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Apple’s most expensive product – Vision Pro headset – has just hit the stores and is making a splash in the technology community. While many believe that it works on a virtual reality model, the Apple Vision Pro actually uses spatial computing.

Apple Vision Pro hit the markets on Friday(REUTERS)

Apple Vision Pro debuted on Friday, and its price starts from $3500. While it has spatial computing technology engrained in it, the definition of this term is still ambiguous and not many people know what it means.

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Spatial computing often goes hand in hand with ‘mixed reality’ or augmented reality, but all tech experts have different meanings for the term. Here is all you need to know about spatial reality and how the Vision Pro headset works.

What is spatial reality in Apple Vision Pro?

While spatial computing is a relatively newer concept in the tech world, the term was actually coined in 2003 by a researcher named Simon Greenwold, who defined the concept as being a “human interaction with a machine in which the machine retains and manipulates referents to real objects and spaces.”

Spatial computing is human-computer interaction that lets a human experience it as it is taking place in the real world and their actual surroundings, and not behind a computer screen.

One of the most basic examples of spatial reality is the game Pokemon Go, which takes place in the real world and lets the gamers interact with the Pokemon as if they are a part of their environment. The concept of spatial computing goes hand in hand with virtual and augmented reality.

Spatial computing is a mix between real and virtual experiences. The Apple Vision Pro captures data from the real surroundings of a user and processes into a 3D map, which is called spatial mapping.

After this, the device can payer virtual objects onto the reality of the user of the Vision Pro headset, which is why the term ‘mixed reality’ comes into play. This is because the actual surroundings of the users is now layered with virtual reality.

How does Apple Vision Pro headset use spatial computing?

The Apple Vision Pro headset is incorporated with its newly-developed visionOS software, which lets you operate the gadget using just your eyes, hand gestures and voice command. This headset uses spatial computing to incorporate virtual reality in your real surroundings so you can multitask.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset can help incorporate 3D vision into your real life, doing multiple tasks at the same time with just a wave of the hand. This means that one can still see the world with their eyes, but digital images are mixed into their reality.

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