Apple Vision Pro Is ‘Four Generations’ Away From Its ‘Ideal Form’: Report

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Some people are considering Apple’s Vision Pro headset as a replacement for an iPad, however, it is still at least four generations away from being perfect. According to a report by Bloomberg, the team who have worked on the Vision Pro believes that a lot of refinement is needed in the mixed-reality headset for it to be considered as a device for daily use. Vision Pro is yet to achieve its ‘ideal form’ due to both hardware and software-related issues. 

Apple indirectly might have been pitching the iPad as a MacBook alternative and the Vision Pro might help in filling that void. It is expected to cater to those who need a device with a large screen for some light work and content consumption.

Challenges That Apple Vision Pro Faces

The Vision Pro faces challenges, particularly in terms of weight, notably with the Solo Knit Band prioritising aesthetics over user comfort. Battery life is another concern, providing only around two hours, insufficient for streaming a full-length film even with an external battery pack. The VisionOS operating system requires further refinement, particularly in gesture support, and the passthrough experience, while better than Meta Quest 3, falls short.

The headset lacks realism in portraying the real world, necessitating improvements. Custom apps tailored to the hardware are needed, and features like eye and hand tracking, along with Personas or digital avatars, are still works in progress. Although compatible with MacBooks, challenges arise when using a mouse and keyboard in digital environments, it is hard to see the mouse and keyboard, especially when inside an environment (digital backgrounds that mimic the surface of the moon, nature, beach, and more). The virtual keyboard is not intuitive for serious work, read Bloomberg’s report.

The Vision Pro is considered at least ‘four generations’ away from perfection and currently exists in a prototype stage, with users essentially testing an early prototype that requires significant hardware and software refinements.

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