Apple Store Employees Hourly Pay DROPS; Check Out Their New Wages


New Delhi: According to reports, Apple pays its offline shop staff an hourly wage of between Rs 1,825 and Rs 2,490. However, it appears that the corporation has reduced the annual raises for its retail staff, a change from the bigger raises given the year before. Here are some specifics.

According to a Bloomberg story, Apple is implementing an “average annual raise” of about 4 percent for the current year, thereby returning to raise levels from before 2022. (Also Read: In PICS: India’s 8 Most Expensive Weddings Of All Time)

In stark contrast to the more significant increases last year, which ranged from 8 percent to 10 percent, the range of rises revealed for 2023 ranges from 2 percent to a maximum of 5 percent.

Only two Apple Stores have so far been able to unionize, but labor shortages and a growing unionization push were blamed for the spike in hikes in 2022.

This choice is consistent with larger economic trends in the US, where this year’s slow wage growth has been matched by a slowdown in inflation rates. As a result, Apple’s adjustment to staff raises reflects the state of the economy as a whole.

As of right present, there are no statistics for Indian retail personnel. The quoted source did, however, reveal that the majority of Apple sales representatives in the US apparently earn hourly wages ranging from $22 (about Rs 1,825) to $30 (roughly Rs 2,490), with employees in AppleCare roles receiving slightly greater pay.


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