Apple Event 2023 LIVE Updates: CEO Tim Cook likely to launch iPhone 15 series today

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Apple Launch Event 2023 LIVE Updates: Projected dimensions and weight of the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup

iPhone 15:

• Thickness: 7.8mm

• Length: 147.6mm

• Width: 71.6mm

• Weight: 171 grams

According to reports from Macrumors, the base model iPhone 15 appears to maintain similar dimensions and weight as its predecessor, the iPhone 14. While the thickness remains the same, minor adjustments have been made to its length and width.

iPhone 15 Pro:

• Thickness: 8.25mm

• Length: 146.6mm

• Width: 70.6mm

• Weight: 188 grams

The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to weigh 18 grams less than the iPhone 14 Pro, but it may be slightly thicker at 8.25mm compared to the previous model’s 7.85mm, according to the report.

iPhone 15 Pro Max:

• Thickness: 7.85mm

• Length: 160.7mm

• Width: 77.6mm

• Weight: 240 grams

Likewise, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is projected to be 19 grams lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with a thickness of 7.85mm.

Please note that these estimates are based on pre-production information and may not precisely reflect the specifications of the final mass-produced units.

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