Anurag Kashyap on OMG 2 certification row: People blasted CBFC for that film


Anurag Kashyap has said that the Central Board of Film Certification cannot stop people from feeling offended. In an interview with News18, the filmmaker pointed out how the CBFC faced backlash for the way OMG 2 was treated. The CBFC awarded an A certificate to OMG 2, while the producers originally wanted a U/A certificate for the movie that featured Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam and Akshay Kumar in key roles. (Also read: OMG 2 becomes 4th highest-grossing adult film of Bollywood)

Anurag on OMG 2’s A certificate

Asked about the controversy, Anurag said in the interview, “This is something one has to deal with. Censor ko lataad padi na uss picture ke liye (the CBFC faced backlash for that movie). People blasted them. The true intention of a film will reach the audience one way or the other. You cannot stop people from feeling offended. Faltu log faltu cheezein pe kahan bhi offend hote hai (Useless people get offended by anything and everything). They need to work on their system. They are so weak and thin-skinned that they get offended by anything.”

OMG 2 certification

Ahead of the film’s certification, several reports claimed that the CBFC was being extra cautious to ensure they did not repeat a scenario similar to that after the release of Adipurush earlier this year. Adipurush makers received wide protests and had to edit and change a few dialogues of the film after it was already released in theatres.

OMG 2 was eventually assigned an A certificate after weeks of speculations that the filmmakers wanted a U/A certificate.


Directed by Amit Rai, OMG 2 features Yami as a lawyer while Akshay reprises his divine role from OMG. In the 2012 film, he played Krishna, and he is God’s messenger in the new movie. OMG 2 hit theatres on August 11. The new film aims to propagate the importance of sex education in schools.

OMG – Oh My God!

Umesh Shukla’s OMG – Oh My God!, the first part, released in 2012 and featured Paresh Rawal alongside Akshay. Paresh played a businessman who challenged God in the court of law after an insurance company refused to pay for damages to his shop. The shop crashed after an earthquake and the company called it an ‘act of God’.


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