‘Anti-Hindu Mindset’: Sushil Modi Slams Bihar Govt For Reducing Festive Holidays In Schools


Rajya Sabha MP and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sushil Modi said on Wednesday that the decision to reduce the number of festive holidays in government schools in Bihar is “the sign of anti-Hindu mindset”. He further stated that the state government should reverse its decision.

“This is the sign of anti-Hindu mindset. In Bihar ‘Chath’ is celebrated in every household… If the schools will open which child will go to school on these festivals? The government should take back its decision without any delay,” Sushil Modi said, as quoted by ANI. 

Modi’s remarks came after the education department of Bihar government announced the decision to decrease the count of festive holidays in government schools. According to the official announcement, the number of festive holidays for government schools has been revised down to 11, which is a reduction from the previous count of 23 between the months of September and December.

Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak has issued a series of instructions aimed at enhancing the overall quality of the school education system in Bihar.

As per the notice, the Raksha Bandhan holiday on August 31 will no longer be observed. The previously granted six-day holiday for Durga Puja has been shortened to a three-day break. Similarly, the previously allocated nine-day holiday period spanning from November 13 to 21, which covered Diwali to Chhath, has undergone modifications.

Presently, there will only be a single-day holiday for Diwali on November 12. A one-day holiday has been designated for Chitragupta Puja on November 15, and a two-day holiday is scheduled for November 19 and 20 in observance of Chhath Puja.

According to the updated directive from the Education Department, it’s now imperative for primary schools to maintain a minimum of 200 working days, while middle schools are required to have at least 220 days of operation. However, disruptions caused by-elections, examinations, festivals, and natural disasters tend to disrupt the regular school schedule.

Additionally, the practice of closing schools on festival occasions varies across districts, with some remaining open while others remain closed. To ensure uniformity in school operations, changes will be implemented throughout the remaining days of 2023, addressing these issues and streamlining the functioning of schools.


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