Amazon CEO Andy Jassy warns employees disobeying office mandate: ‘Not going to work out for you’


Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has reportedly warned employees disobeying the work-from-office mandate, saying it may ‘not work out for you’ at Amazon.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, (File)

This is according to Business Insider, with the publication also quoting Jassy as saying that it was ‘past the time to disagree and commit’ with the policy.

‘Not right for some employees…’

As per the report, Jassy made the remarks during a pre-recorded internal Q&A session earlier this month.

“Those who are unwilling to give up remote work are welcome to look for employment somewhere else,” the business leader, 55, said.

The Amazon president and CEO continued: “It is the past the time to disagree and commit. If you can’t disagree and commit, it is probably not going to work out for you at Amazon. It is not right for some people to be in office three days a week, while others refuse to do so.”

At the e-commerce and tech giant, the phrase ‘disagree and commit’ is one of its leading principles, and was often used by Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder, and current executive president.

Amazon’s office mandate

In February, the Seattle-headquartered firm announced the mandate; under it, corporate employees must be in office three days a week. The guideline, which went into effect in May, is a departure from an earlier policy that gave team leaders the authority to decide how their members would function.

However, the office mandate has not gone down well with many employees. On May 31, in a coordinated and planned move, Amazon workers unhappy with the policy participated in a ‘walkout‘ against the rule.

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