Adarsh Gourav: Remakes are purely done with the intention of making money


Actor Adarsh Gourav is not in favour of a film being remade, as he feels inclined towards getting attached to original content. And that is the reason he has stayed away from remakes till now, as he admits he doesn’t see any stimulation in remaking films.

Adarsh Gourav was last seen in web show Guns & Gulaabs.

“When it comes to my preferences, I don’t see any stimulation in remaking films unless it is extremely relevant. But most remakes are done purely with the idea of sticking to a similar format and making money,” says the BAFTA-nominated actor.

The 29-year-old adds, “ I always believed in encouraging original storytelling and the uniqueness of any idea or any person. That is the reason I am and I will always be more excited about an original story than doing a remake”.

Gourav, who has shown his range as an actor with projects such as The White Tiger, to Hostel Daze and American anthology drama series, Extrapolations, feels remakes should be specifically avoided in the OTT space.

“The biggest strength of the Indian OTT landscape is the diversity of the country. We live in such a diverse and beautiful country where the landscape, language, the culture, everything changes every two hours, and there’s so much to tap into in terms of the potential stories,” stresses Gourav, who was last seen in web show Guns & Gulaabs.

He continues, “We really should focus on telling stories that are more local, that are more rooted, and then we will be more successful at storytelling. The more local you are, the more global you become. Because at the end of the day, coming from a different culture, I’m always interested in knowing about a culture when I watching a film from Iran, Australia or Canada. How different is it from India? Similarly, the more local we are and the more authentic we are, about our stories about our music, about our roots, the more global we can become

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