WhatsApp Users Will Now Be Able To Verify Using Emails


WhatsApp is introducing a novel update, allowing users to link their email addresses to their accounts for enhanced authentication. This email verification method serves as an alternative to conventional SMS verification, offering a solution for users with Wi-Fi access but limited cellular connectivity. Initially available to WhatsApp beta users, this feature is now rolling out globally to all users.

The deployment of the 23.24.70 update for iOS on the App Store, as reported by WABetaInfo, unveils this additional email verification option. Anticipated to extend to Android users shortly, the rollout appears to be gradual, with users experiencing the update in phases. Despite the absence of the email verification method at the time of this writing on both iOS and Android, WABetaInfo assures that the feature is in widespread release.

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WhatsApp, traditionally reliant on phone numbers and OTP SMSes for user verification, encountered challenges in areas with weak cellular networks. The newly introduced email verification method addresses this issue. Users can opt to enable or disable this feature, providing an extra layer of security by ensuring that the email address verification remains private. This is particularly beneficial for users cautious about sharing their email addresses with contacts or unknown parties.

While WhatsApp will continue to prioritise mobile number verification as the primary authentication method, the addition of email verification proves advantageous for individuals residing in low cellular network zones or those frequently visiting such areas. Users can activate this feature by navigating to Settings > Account > Email Address. Once enabled, users will receive a six-digit verification code via email instead of SMS. For those yet to receive the feature, assurance is given that it will be gradually introduced to their accounts over the next few weeks.

In its commitment to enhancing user experience, the Meta-owned messaging platform has recently integrated its AI chatbot into WhatsApp Beta for Android. A distinctive icon positioned above the New Chat icon grants users direct access to Meta AI from the chat window, showcasing the platform’s ongoing efforts to refine its features.


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