Sumbul Touqeer Khan on what she wants in her future partner: I want to work if my husband works


Sumbul Touqeer Khan is just 19 and is now back to the small screen in the role of a fearless IAS officer in the TV show Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon. This is the actor’s new stint after her successful participation on Bigg Boss 16, on which she was praised for surviving for more than 100 days while being the youngest contestant in the history of the show. In her new show, Sumbul not just fights for gender equality but also the cause of the common man. Also read: Sumbul Touqeer shares pics from her father’s second wedding, welcomes new mom; fans call her ‘best daughter’

Sumbul Touqeer Khan will now be seen as an IAS officer in her new show.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sumbul spoke about her own fearless self in real life and how just like the show, she has certain expectations from her future husband. She also shared an update about the new members in her family. Excerpts:

Tell us more about the plot of Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon.

Kavya belongs to a very normal middle class family. Due to an incident in her childhood, she learns that no one ever asks a common man, ‘Can I help you?’ Many doors remain closed for them and so she decides to become an IAS and not let any such incident happen with anybody else. She promises to ask people if she can be of help for them. She is a very ambitious and determined girl.

There are many things around us but we don’t raise a question due to fear or any other reason. But Kavya is fearless. She, however, wants to know why can’t a man be the reason behind a woman’s success. The show touches upon gender equality as well.

The new show features you in cotton sarees, playing the mature DM. What prep did you do to for the role? You are just 19.

Yes, I am 19. I know how hard it is to crack UPSC. I know that people who are very intelligent are quite calm in nature and know how to handle a situation. I couldn’t crack UPSC so it was more important for me to at least look like that. I started watching interviews of some IAS officers to observe the way they talk, the way they answer the questions, their way of walking, sitting, talking and everything else. They have an aura and a personality that those around them can feel their power. They themselves know that they are very powerful. I had to adapt all this and also read about them a bit.

I didn’t watch any such film or show because if we do that, we unintentionally start adapting to that character which I didn’t want to do. I wanted to keep it very authentic.

What would be your message to your future husband? What kind of partner would you be looking for?

There is a very long time for my wedding (laughs) First of all, everything should be very clear in a marriage. I am very clear about myself that I want to work. I believe in equality and I want to go to work if my husband goes to work, with no questions asked. My husband should be there for me when I come back from work, to just ask me about how was my day or if I am alright. He should be emotionally available for me. Even if he is not asking anything, just sitting with me after my long day of work counts.

Are you fearless in real life as well? Do you raise questions?

There is no such need to raise questions. According to me, I am very fearless, be it fighting stereotypes or anything else. Before Kavya, I got so many calls from makers who were giving me my own reference while offering me similar roles. I was like, ‘then why would I do it if it is the same?’ There should be a change, I am always ready to take risks.

Did Bigg Boss 16 stint lead to many more offers?

Yes. When I was offered Kavya, the first thing that hit me was that it is a Sony show. The shows on the channel are mostly in a very real space. I was confident it will be realistic, which I wanted. Also the character is very strong and relatable as every person has some problem or the other in their lives. Some fight their problems and move ahead while some fail to move forward. What’s important is how you handle your problems and what you do next.

Your dad got married recently. You have a new sister as well. How is it going. You bought a new house few months back, so do you all live together?

Yes, the entire family lives together in the new house.

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