State Ruling CM Can Be A Chancellor: MK Stalin

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At the Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalitha University of Music & Arts Convocation ceremony, Chief Minister MK Stalin delivered a thought-provoking address, emphasizing the crucial role of the Chancellor in universities. Setting politics aside, he highlighted the practical significance of the State’s ruling Chief Minister assuming the role of Chancellor, particularly for the development of educational institutions.

“This University has the right that State ruling CM can be a Chancellor. I am not speaking of politics, just explaining practically. If CM is the Chancellor of Universities, only then Universities would be developed. If that is in other hands, the goal of Universities would be destroyed. Realising this in 2013, former CM Jayalalithaa decided that the Chancellor of this University would be the CM. For this, we can appreciate her wholeheartedly. I also appreciate her thinking about today’s situation,” said CM MK Stalin.

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