Rahul Vaidya: Our baby is due to arrive during Ganesh Chaturthi, so it’s extra special this year


Singer Rahul Vaidya welcomes Ganpati to his house every year with much zeal and excitement. However, this year, it is extra special for him, and the entire family. Vaidya, who is expecting his first child with wife, actor Disha Parmar, reveals that his baby is also due to arrive during the same time.

Rahul Vaidya on ganesh chaturthi and welcoming baby with Disha Parmar

“I’m bringing bappa home this time as well, like every year. And this year, it is more special because my baby is also going to arrive around the same time. Disha’s is due to deliver between September 19-25. I’m just hoping everything goes well,” shares the dad-to-be, sounding equally excited about welcoming Ganpati and his child.

“Usually, my mum goes to select the Bappa murti. She sends it in our family WhatsApp group and then we all choose one together. Disha takes care of the decor and we bring bappa home for five days every year, so logon ka aana jaana laga hi rehta hai. Though Disha will do all that this year too, but of course, we’ll make sure she doesn’t overexert,” adds Vaidya, who recently released a compilation of six aartis dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Talking more about this musical ode to the divine, and the significance of aartis dueing Ganesh Chaturthi, the singer tells us, “Some people keep ganpati as a tradition and ritual every year, whereas, there are some jo shaunk ke liye laate hain. So, these shaunkiyaan people end up playing Agneepath’s song Deva Shree Ganesha for their aarti. But, people who have been bringing bappa home traditionally for years, follow a certain procedure, where there are many aartis that have to be sung, including Ganesh aarti, Durga maa aarti, Shankar ji, and many others. You have to sing all five to six aartis in front of your God.”

Here, Vaidya shares that he always looked for a musical piece that consists of all the aartis at once place with the perfect sound, but he could never find it, and that promoted him to come up with this compilation.

“Whatever was available on YouTube, none of them are as per my liking. Moreover, the ones available don’t even have the pronunciation right, and many of them required so much clarity. So, I thought I should make one on my own,” elaborates the 35-year-old, as he has tried to capture the essence of these rituals with a “perfect blend of rhythm, sound, and pronunciation”.

What makes this composition even more special is the personal touch the singer has added to it. “My mum, her friends and my extended family also featured in the video. There is not even a single person in the aarti video that I don’t know. Jab ghar par aarti hoti hai, your loved ones are around you, and I wanted to inculcate that feeling in my video as well,” he ends.


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