Quordle Hints & Answers: Check Out The Quordle Words For November 21


In a departure from the popular Wordle craze, a new and innovative contender has entered the scene—Quordle. Distinguishing itself through a unique format, Quordle adds a fresh perspective to the world of word puzzles. Unlike traditional word games, Quordle introduces a complex gameplay style that sets it apart from its counterparts. Available on the Merriam-Webster website, Quordle puzzles are plentiful, but users are advised to exercise caution to avoid potential duplicates.

Beyond its appeal as a gaming phenomenon, Quordle also serves as a valuable tool for expanding one’s vocabulary. The game strategically incorporates both familiar and less common words, prompting players to explore a diverse range of linguistic expressions. This unique feature has resonated particularly well with language enthusiasts seeking to enhance their verbal proficiency. With each iteration, Quordle offers a new and challenging experience, making it a dynamic and immersive option for individuals interested in refining their language skills.

How To Play Quordle

In case you want a quick lesson on how to solve Quordles, check out this detailed video by Triple S Games:

Quordle November 21: Hints, Solution

Unveiled on November 21, the latest update of Quordle introduces a groundbreaking gaming encounter by presenting a series of four interlinked puzzles. This innovative gaming approach not only encourages players to employ strategic thinking but also demands a display of linguistic proficiency, delivering a rejuvenating and captivating twist to the domain of word-based games.

Characterised by meticulously crafted puzzles, the current version of Quordle elevates the overall gaming experience by urging participants to navigate the intricacies of language with a heightened level of discernment.

Quordle sets itself apart through its intricate gameplay, featuring a quartet of puzzles intricately connected, necessitating careful consideration and precise word selection. The heightened complexity of the game welcomes players to delve into the nuances of language, providing a unique and intellectually stimulating challenge.

Quordle November 21 Hints

For players tackling today’s Quordle, several hints are provided below to assist in solving the puzzle:

  • Hint 1: First letters of the words — 1: T, 2: T, 3: F, 4: R 
  • Hint 2: Last letters – 1: H, 2: D, 3: T, 4: H
  • Hint 3: Word 1: Come into or be in contact with
  • Hint 4: Word 2: A group or set of three related people or things
  • Hint 5: Word 3: Struggle to overcome, eliminate, or prevent
  • Hint 6: Word 4: The extent or range of something’s application, effect, or influence

Quordle November 21 Answers

The answers to today’s Quordle were as follows:

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