Qualcomm Ventures Into The Wi-Fi Router Market Through Game-Changing Deals With Charter & EE


New Delhi: The semiconductor giant Qualcomm has announced that it is partnering with UK’s in-home broadbrand service brand EE and Charter Communications to bring the most advanced Wi-Fi 7 router and 10 Gbps Wi-Fi capabilities to the wide range of the internet users across the world. The company said that the advanced Wi-Fi routers with Wi-Fi 7 are expected to be available to Spectrum customers in 2024.

The world’s biggest supplier of the chips is foraying into the new Wi-Fi router market for the first time, though it is long known to sell Wi-Fi chips for consumer Wi-Fi routers.

The demand for wireless connectivity has been growing substantially in the last few years, with the rising usage of internet and Internet of things (IoT) products. The chip maker is trying to grab the large pie of the growing market dominated by D-Link, TP-Link, Huawei Tech, etc.

What are the benefits of Wi-Fi 7 advanced router?

The company said that Wi-Fi 7 has increased channel size, upto a a peak of 320 MHz, delivering massive throughout gains from 6 Ghz spectrum.

Multi-Link Operation (MLO) will support the use of multiple radios on a router to increase throughout and reduce latency.

It has flexible channel utilization with an advancement based on preamble puncturing to avoid channels with interference.

Qualcomm Unveils 10G Fiber Gateway Platform For Ultimate Connected Home Performance

Ushering into a new era of home connectivity and new opportunities for service providers, Qualcomm Technologies’s 10 GB Fiber Gateway Platform is expected to revolutionize the broadband experience through Wi-Fi.

The Qualcomm 10G Fiber Gateway Platform is architected to enable 10Gbps to and through the home. Its software-defined architecture combines 10G Passive Optical Network (PON) technology with multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi 7 connectivity to ensure high-speed connectivity and low-latency access can be delivered seamlessly through the home to end devices – such as phones, PCs, smart TVs, home cameras or appliances.

Featuring the Qualcomm Service Defined Wi-Fi technology, a groundbreaking cloud-to- device quality of service framework, the 10G Fiber Gateway Platform is designed to give providers unprecedented orchestration and insights to help improve their subscribers’ quality of experience.


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