‘Not gifting iPhone 15’: India Post warns against Apple products giveaway scam

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India Post has issued a warning about an online scam in which cybercriminals are using the government’s postal department logo to send malicious messages and falsely claim to offer iPhone 15 giveaways. In a post on X on Thursday, India Post clarified, “Please be careful! India Post is not offering any gifts through unofficial portals or links.”

India Post shared the image of iPhone scam message.(X/IndiaPostOffice)

Scammers are sending messages under the guise of India Post Navaratri gifts, attempting to lure individuals into revealing their personal information and scamming their money.

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One such fake message reads, “You have won an iPhone 15: Follow the instructions on the next page to claim your prize!

Share with 5 groups/20 friends on the following apps (click on the corresponding icon below)

Click ‘Continue’ and claim your prize.”

As online activities and digital banking usage increase, users should exercise caution when clicking on unverified links, as these actions could jeopardise their confidential personal information.

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iPhone Series 15 pricing in India

It is highly recommended to purchase Apple iPhones from trusted stores and verified e-commerce websites. Here are the price details of the iPhone Series 15:

• iPhone 15 is priced at 79,900.

• iPhone 15 Plus is available for 89,900.

• iPhone 15 Pro is priced at 1,34,900.

• iPhone 15 Pro Max can be purchased at 159,900.

Telegram task-based scam

In another scam, fraudsters are using Telegram to deceive users into performing tasks to earn money. This job scam involves small tasks like liking a YouTube video to receive payment. However, under the pretext of providing the payment, scammers request bank details and engage in financial fraud.

What to do if you fall victim to online scams?

If you get cheated of such financial frauds, it is crucial to take immediate action. You can report online financial fraud by calling 1930 and file a complaint regarding any cybercrime at http://cybercrime.gov.in.

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