Frog Found In Bhubaneswar College’s Hostel Food, Authorities Impose 1-Day Salary Cut Of Mess St

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Meals for hostelers at a Bhubaneswar engineering college in Odisha were ruined after what they spotted in one of the plates at the hostel mess. Students at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology in Bhubaneswar apparently found a frog in what seemed to be curd during the meals served to them. “This is KIT Bhubaneswar, ranked ~42 among engineering colleges in India, where parents pay approx 17.5 lakhs to get their child an engineering degree. This is the food being served at the college hostel,” said a social media user as he shared an image of the amphibian found in the food. 

Berating the authorities, he further wrote, “Then we wonder why students from India migrate to other countries for better education and facilities.” 

Replying to the post, another user who claimed to be from the same hostel confirmed the incident and said that they reported it to the authorities about the same. 

Taking action against the incident, the hostel authorities deducted a day’s pay of the service providers of the mess, the social media user who initially posted about the incident said later. 

“So, this is the value of human life. The hostel where the frog was served, at Bhubaneswar University, in an attempt to do damage control, decided to deduct only one day’s payment from the mess provider company! Just wow,” he said. 

This is not the first incident where the hostel meal became inedible after finding an insect. Several other social media users shared their experience where the lack of mess staff’s attention led to such incidents. 

Earlier this month, students at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Kharghar shared images of insects found in food items served in the hostel and complained about the sub-standard quality.

The institute’s management, however, dismissed the allegations as  a one-off incident, claiming that a handful of final year students were blowing the issue out of proportion to convince their parents to let them stay in paying guest accommodations outside the campus, as per a Hindustan Times report. 

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