Chandramukhi 2 trailer: Kangana Ranaut makes a beautiful but scary ghost who fights Raghava Lawrence

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On Saturday, the trailer of Kangana Ranaut and Raghava Lawrence’s upcoming Chandramukhi 2 was released. In the film, Kangana will be seen as the new face of the fierce and enchanting spirit of Chandramukhi. Doing justice to the hit character, Kangana promises a faithful turn. Also read: Kangana Ranaut says even ‘Batman type log’ feel low and hopeless

Chandramukhi 2 trailer Kangana Ranaut and Raghava Lawrence as Chandramukhi and Vettiyan Raja.

Chandramukhi 2 trailer

The trailer begins with the story of the prequel and continues the tale of the haunting Chandramukhi and her terror in the village. The trailer connects the past to the present and introduces Raghava Lawrence with much swag. With lots of comedy scenes, action sequences, and new twists and turns, the trailer sets the tone of the film.

Kangana as Chandramukhi

Although Kangana doesn’t make her full-length appearance in the trailer for more than a few seconds, she is established well as the beautiful court dancer Chandramukhi, who was once the king’s favourite. Raghava as King Vettiyan looks promising as well. The story takes place when the family moves back to the palace where Chandramukhi resides as the infamous vengeful spirit.

The trailer can instantly remind anyone of Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) and its original plot from the Tamil film, Chandramukhi, starring Rajinikanth. Tamil actor Vadivelu reprises his comical role in the sequel. In a scene, he asks hilarious questions like ‘Do ghosts have extramarital affairs?’, ‘Why do ghosts walk in a certain way?’ The clip ends with glimpses of Chandramukhi and Vettiyan’s sword fight and even some dance numbers – a complete entertainer.

People react to new Chandramukhi

Kangana took to her Instagram account and wrote, “Here’s the trailer of #chandramukhi2 Releasing on 28th September.” Reacting to the clip, someone wrote in the comment section, “Blockbuster loading.” “Kangana Ranaut as Chandramukhi is a treat to watch,” added another on YouTube.

Earlier, Chandramukhi 2 was slated to release on September 15. However, it was later pushed to September 28 due to technical delays. Directed by P Vasu, the film is produced by Lyca Productions and Subaskaran. Preparing for the film, Kangana was religiously seen taking dance classes for the role. She will be next seen in Tejas.

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