Bengaluru-Based Narayana Health Sets Guinness World Record By Conducting 3,797 ECGs


Narayana Health, one of India’s leading healthcare providers, has set a new Guinness World Record by performing an astounding 3,797 electrocardiograms (ECGs) in a single day at a single location. The organisation announced its official certification from the Guinness World Records on Friday after the extraordinary achievement was realised on September 21 (Thursday) at Narayana Health City in Bengaluru.

Dr. Devi Shetty, the Founder and chairman of Narayana Health, expressed his enthusiasm for this remarkable accomplishment, emphasising its vital purpose. “Our attempt was made with the sole objective of creating awareness about health screening and the importance of regular check-ups to prevent heart diseases,” he stated.

“It showcases the skill and dedication of our healthcare team, and we are proud to have set a new standard in cardiac care,” he added.

A statement by Narayana Health read, “The event not only highlighted Narayana Health’s technical expertise but also its dedication to making quality healthcare accessible to all.”

An electrocardiogram, commonly known as an ECG, is a non-invasive and straightforward diagnostic test that records the heart’s electrical activity. This test plays a pivotal role in diagnosing various heart conditions, including irregular heart rhythms and coronary heart diseases such as heart attacks and angina. It can also help monitor how treatments for a heart condition, like medicines or implantable cardiac devices, are performing.

ECGs are vital tools in diagnosing cardiac conditions, and this record-breaking endeavor underscores the hospital’s commitment to early detection and intervention, ultimately saving lives,” the statement mentioned.

An ECG can help diagnose conditions such as heart attacks, abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmia) – rapid, slow, or irregular heartbeats, poor blood supply to the heart,
heart inflammation (pericarditis or myocarditis), and cardiac arrest.

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